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Reading List on Abolition

This guide contains numerous free and online pieces that address abolition, transformative justice, accountability, and other topics central to the movement. Most, if not all, of the writers are black and indigenous people.

Presentation on the CAHOOTS Program

CAHOOTS came out of a community ask, need and demand around less police involvement in situations where they did not have the training and escalated already harmful situations.

Other cities 
 around the country, including Oakland and Denver, have implemented similar community-based response and support programs. We believe that a program similar to CAHOOTS would be very beneficial in Cambridge.

Presentation on Transformative Justice

A presentation about transformative justice and how it could be implemented in our society, as well as educational links in case you want to learn more!

Video on Transformative Justice

Presentation on the History of BLM

The Massachusetts Alternative
Public Safety Landscape 

Borealis Report on the Community Care Network Convening Program

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