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Our Vision

We call for the construction of community-based mechanisms with transformative and restorative justice agendas that address and prevent the root causes of harm. We also call for investing in the social fabric of communities, such as mental health support, housing services, job training, quality education, and healthy food, as a way to foster lasting physical safety and generate community wellbeing. 

People in the projects do not need to be over-policed; they need more jobs, childcare, free internet, business start-up funds, their student loans forgiven, their kids’ college tuition paid, and other educational services. Use CPD funding to pay for public services that will keep everyone, including poor Black Cantabrigians safe and thriving. 

Cambridge has a discretionary fund of over $250 million. Let us use these funds and redirect resources away from CPD to build a Cambridge where everyone thrives, including low-income Black people. Prove that our reputation as a progressive city is in fact the truth of Cambridge and not just rhetoric. Let us be on the cutting edge of the national movement to defund the police by creating a community where people are truly safe and where all Cambridge residents are treated as deserving of the same standard of living.
Here we are, Black Cambridge residents. We are actively calling on the Cambridge City Council to #DefundThePolice!

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